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              Inheriting and carrying forward past and future, uniting forces and working solidly

              The 3rd Party Congress of the Anhui ARN Group Co., Ltd. Committee of the Communist Party of China was held

              On the afternoon of July 20, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. ARN Group ATG's meeting room No. 1 on the fifth floor is filled with a cheerful atmosphere. The 3rd Party Member Congress of the Anhui ARN Group Co., Ltd. Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held here. Representatives of party members from all party branches of the group gathered here to attend the meeting. Pan Yixin, the first secretary of the party committee of the Group and chairman of the board, Cao Lixin, secretary of the party committee and vice chairman of the party, Liu Tongqing, Kai Bolin, Wu Fule, Cai Xiangdong attended the meeting and took a seat on the rostrum. The meeting was chaired by Party Secretary Cao Lixin. The meeting should have 100 delegates and 94 delegates, and the number of participants is legal and valid.

              At 1:30, the conference was grandly opened in the majestic national anthem. The General Assembly heard the qualification review report of the party members of the committee and approved it by all votes.

              Cai Xiangdong, deputy secretary of the party committee, delivered a "summary on the work of the last committee" at the meeting. The report elaborates on the previous party committee under the correct leadership of the superior party committee, united and forged ahead, and led the party members and all employees to make due contributions to the sustainable and stable development of ARN Group. It was pointed out that during the development of the group, a "one center" suitable for its own development was formed, that is, the economic activity was the center, and the "three persistence" operation mode of party building work was: 1. Adhere to the comprehensive coverage of the organizational system and effectively implement the party's Policies. 2. Adhere to the cross-part-time decision-making guarantee and realize the "one-shoulder" of party affairs work and production and management activities. 3. Persisting in "developing party members among the backbone and cultivating management backbone among the party members", fully embodying and developing the vanguard model role of party organizations. The report also reviewed the achievements of the group party committee in actively fulfilling social responsibilities, cultivating corporate culture, and strengthening system construction. At the end of the report, it also analyzed the future development direction of the group and the goals and ideas of the party committee.

              The General Assembly adopted a new committee election method. All the members voted to approve the list of candidates for the new committee: Kailin Berlin, Liu Tongqing, Wu Fule, Wu Zhenhai, Xia Huifa, Cao Lixin, Cai Xiangdong, Pan Yixin.

              All representatives of the party members have fully discussed and adopted the secret ballot and differential election methods to elect 6 comrades of Kailin Berlin, Liu Tongqing, Wu Fule, Cao Lixin, Cai Xiangdong and Pan Yixin as members of the new party committee.

              During the meeting, the new party committee members held a meeting. Nominated by the party committee research: Pan Yixin is the candidate of the first secretary of the party committee; Cao Lixin is the candidate of the party committee secretary; Cai Xiangdong is the candidate of the party committee deputy secretary. After voting by all party members, Pan Yixin was unanimously elected as the first secretary of the party committee of the group; Cao Lixin was elected as the secretary of the party committee; Cai Xiangdong was elected as the deputy secretary of the party committee.

              The newly elected secretary of the new party committee, Comrade Cao Lixin, made a statement, representing the elected new party committee: Please believe that we must work together and work hard, work closely around the center of the enterprise, and give full play to the role of the party committee. The development of the "Two Learnings and One Action" activity is in line with the company's business development, further emancipating the mind and invigorating the spirit, and working hard for "100 billion ring new, international ring new, hundred year ring new".

              The newly elected first secretary of the new party committee Pan Yixin delivered an important speech. Three instructions were given on the tasks of the new party committee: 1. The Group has completed the first phase of the transformation from a single product to multiple varieties and a wide range of products in the last 20 years. The second phase faces new opportunities and challenges The party committee should unite all party members and cadres, including management personnel and technical backbones, to develop with one heart and soul, and strive to achieve corresponding development of products in the second phase of different life cycles and obtain greater glories. 2. Any issue of organizational development will ultimately come down to the issue of people. The new party committee must continue to adhere to the principle of "building a good backbone among party members and developing party members in the backbone", so that the backbone and the party members truly integrate into one In order to play the role of party organization as a battle fortress. 3. Keep in mind the original intention and social responsibility. Enterprise development is inseparable from social support, especially the talent support of Anqing society. The party committee of the group and the majority of party members and comrades should continue to take social responsibility as their role, and be a model pioneer in caring for public welfare undertakings such as education and poverty relief. Pay attention to the life of employees in difficulties. Comrade Pan Yixin firmly believes that under the leadership of the new party committee, the glorious mission entrusted to us by the enterprise will be completed, and every party member should play his due role in the great journey of "100 billion ring new, international ring new, and hundred year ring new" The role of the firm; firmly believe that with the joint support of the majority of party members and all employees, the new party committee will build the enterprise "better, stronger, bigger"!

              This conference gave full play to the democratic election rights of all party members and created a new situation in the work of the party committee. I believe that the new committee, with the care of the leadership of the group party committee and the joint support of the majority of party members and all members, will be able to inherit the past and the past, consolidate strength, work solidly, and accelerate the innovation and development of the group and achieve the "100 billion ring new, international The grand blueprint of “ARN and Hundred Years of ARN” makes new and greater contributions!

              The conference ended with solemn international song. (Zhang Weixia)

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